Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

The Legend of Navi

One by one you remove the heavy slabs of stone that block the entry to the ancient structure that you have so strenuously, and yet only partially, excavated over the last fortnight. Wiping the sweat off your brow you rub your hands in anticipation and fasten one of the light shining cyphers as well as a lantern on yourself and embark on adventure. A few steps into the darkness you wonder why your light seems to be swallowed by the shadow until you take a closer look around. Could it be that you discovered one of the ancient and fabled cathedrals of the Order!? As you make your way through the main hall your eyes take in with disbelief the magnitude of your discovery. Finally you come to a halt in front of a shrine like structure that holds a heavy, leather bound volume. Hesitatingly you reach out to touch it, running your fingertips over the worn surface and shudder with exhilaration. You have stumbled across the remnants of an ancient tome that has partially decayed but still seems readable for the wide parts. As you flip through the pages you realize that you have in fact gotten your hands on a book which details the story of how the Order of the Crimson Lotus came into existence and its exploits and efforts in the war against the xenos invaders as well as entries on its most famous members. A particularly well illustrated chapter catches your eye, but sadly many pages have suffered severely from deterioration rendering wide parts unreadable. It is titled:

Navi, Godslayer, Empress of the Blade, Sightless Swordmaster, Founder of the Order of the Crimson Lotus

As you read and reread the lines before you it becomes clear that you are in fact holding in your hands an original record as the pictures and articles about members are signed and waxed! Sparked by curiosity you prop up your lantern to cast a brighter light upon the yellowed pages. They detail the initial journey of how Navi and her companions set out and discovered the thread of the xenos that had brought the downfall for the 8th world, but with glee you discover that it also details the period before the foundation of the order. Page by page you grow engrossed in the tales that tell how the young warrioress of the planes gathered Quentin, Trilian, Icarus, Remy, Hei and Tokiko, all revered masters of their chosen weapon and noble individuals, to forge them into the Order that would steel the realm against the horror that was to decent upon them.

Your heart pounds in excitement as long forgotten stories of bravery and courage unfold before your mind’s eye as you read the words, it cringes when taking in how Navi lost the light in her eyes, and fills with hope as she rises nonetheless to face the xenos as a paragon and one of humanity’s most stalwart defenders. Almost left breathless by the excitement that filled your core you take a step back, stumbling over a piece of rubble and hitting the ground hard. In despair you cradle the ancient tome to your chest to keep it out of harms way yet one of your cyphers loosens from your belt and rolls off around a corner, illuminating everything in a pale white light. Scrambling to your feet you hurry after it and as you brave the corner you bend to pick it up but pause halfway through and raise your head. You find yourself in front of a massive iron door, over and over adorned with the epitomes of craftsmanship. Licking your lips you raise your lantern as high as you can to decipher the old language and it reads:[i]Armory of the Order of the Crimson Lotus[/i] Could this really be the treasure amongst treasures? Could this be the entry to the lair of weapons once wielded by some of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen?

Usher yourself in and find out.


Nice! This is exactly along the lines I wanted. Mo’text mo’betta, but this definitely qualifies you for an heirloom.

The Legend of Navi

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