Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

The End of the Beginning, Two Worlds Converge

The tale of Tarlan Greyskin as told from a high story teller from Grund:
Tarlan Greyskin… That is what they called him once. His life had gone through as many transformations as the world around him did, From the places he had lived, the people he knew, and the numinera that influence our very being. His adventure had changed his life, his friends lives, and the very essence that is the 9th world. We from the reforged city of Grund have all heard of the tale of Tarlan Greyskin from his humble military beginnings in old Grund, and his position as caretaker of Bolg. But let us remember now the story of Grund’s great reforging by our beloved Highlord Tarlan and Highlady Sophie. Now we shall begin just after the great battle for our world after Tarlan and his friends went separate ways…
Enthusiastic child in the crowd:“But I love that story why cant we hear it again! I loved it when Tarlan, Murdok, Grilgo, Navi, and Nana saved the 9th world from the old ones! The story of the dark betrayal of Nana, The legend of the Giant Robot and return of the Ancient ones, The battle with the biker gang, and the world of illusion in the numinera. Can we hear those again?”
Haha, Calm down child, we will have time for those tales later, but now we are going to learn of the birth of our city. Just after the great battle against the ancient ones, where Tarlan, Sophie and their friends defeated the great dragon amidst the infighting of themselves and the great cities is where we shall begin.
Tarlan and Sophie both displaced from family and past friends united together to bring Grund back together. Together they reunited the people of Grund that had survived the war, they completely reestablished Grund from the corruption and ashes of its past. The city being almost leveled by the war were reconstructed anew with new intent and with good intensions. The people of Grund were no longer slaves to the technology around them, but were becoming the new masters of numinera. Tarlan and Sophie slowly but naturally became the new leaders of Grund. There was no seize of power unlike the previous rulers and the people truely wanted them to lead them into this new era of growth and difficulty. Sophie and Tarlan decided to salvage the technology from the war unlike many of the other civilizations. They even made great use of the fallen numinera technologies of the old ones. They rebuild the city in a new and glorious fashion, strong of material and powerful in technology. With the new technologies they were able to make a new version of numinera called neocycles, a fusion of the ancient ones numinera and the motorcycles of Sophies old gang. They made so many of these that they outfitted an entire city force of defense to have their own. These new motorcycles could fly just as the old ones could. It truely revolutionized Grund and brought it that much more out of the dust and into the new world as a leader. Over time our dear leaders Tarlan and Sophie grew closer, and one day they naturally devoted themselves to each other. Over the next few years the couple had three children. Being seated as the high lord and lady of Grund their children naturally grew into seats of power as well. The eldest son Nefras, being of great stature that mirrored and some think may soon rival that of his father, became the acting head of Grunds new army. The second child Nira, looked exactly like her mother (winged and beautiful) and had a certain affinity to discovering new purposes for numinera helped her parents to discover and impliment the great shield of water around the city of Grund using the ancient numinera. This shield has greatly protected Grund from the threats of the old ones. The last child is one of a fusion of his parents but still young we expect great things of him. Lastly let us talk about the most recent great contribution of Highlord Tarlan in preparation for the future battles we expect with the old ones. He has established the order of steel by creating an army of soldiers with bodies of flesh and steel like his and training them with his numineran soulspirit known as “Numeian” training them with Numeain to help protect the 9th world forever. We will always love and respect our eternal lords of the reforged city of Grund the home of Pure Water and Everlasting Steel. Hail Highlord Tarlan and Highlady Sophie!!!



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