Navaia 'Navi' of the Kushanya


A stoic and pragmatic woman, skilled with the blade and with the determination to protect what she deems precious.

Trained in a rare style of martial arts she wields a curved blade she calls ‘Katana’ and predominately utilizes the art of Iado. She is renown for the swiftness and cleanliness of her cut that has ended many a fight in a single stroke. Furthermore Navi was born under a special star, granting her powers over the element of ice (Wears a Sheen of Ice).

In the future she would go on to become known as Navi, Godslayer, Empress of the Blade and Sightless Swordmaster, however, she herself would consider her greatest achievement to be the founding of the Order of the Crimson Lotus, dedicated to protect those who are too weak to protect themselves.


Navaia 'Navi' of the Kushanya

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