Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

Letter IV

To master,

It has been weeks since we parted ways (or rather you left me for the matter of clarity) and I have returned to the city of K in order to meet up with my tribe. Just as Quentin had told us it was the right place to look for them – he was even right when he told that they struck an agreement with the major of the town…Eventually the time and the need will arise to figure out how he gets all this information. A man like him is very valuable but also very dangerous. I wonder if he should be purged – or is he indeed as stalwart a friend to you as he tried to make me believe? Well, I suppose it makes no matter for the moment, even more so since I returned home. I wish you could have seen the festivities, the lights, the tents, the smell of earth and grass, the whickering of the horses and the sounds of chatter and laughter. While journeying with sensei I had never quite realized how much I had missed my family. It is almost impossible for me to put into words how wonderful, fulfilling – completing – it felt to drape my arms around my sister, my twin, me. She had grown and is still prettier than me. She always was…not like that would matter to you, sensei, but I somehow feel the need to capture my emotions clearly. Her smile was so bright; her differently colored eyes shone and were filled with me. I could see my reflection in them clear as day – perhaps she missed me even more than I did her. She smelled like a dozen spices, grass and the halcyon days of youth. O, how I had missed her, I…

The next part is unreadable due to smeared ink. Somehow the latter must have gotten wet during its journey.

So after this more or less prevented assassination attempt the Healer, my sister and I were ordered by my father to travel towards the city in order to investigate the origin of the strange green star – and, if possible, prevent the mayhem the Healer had seen it cause.

Once we arrived in the town I knew so well thanks to our travels I was immediately struck with a sense of bewilderment. Half the population seemed to have gathered on the main square like mindless creatures. The sheriff and few others tried to restore order by knocking them in line and senseless, however, it proved futile. I ordered my family to stand back and observe first, but the man used magic to shoot fire into the sky and alarm the family of an emergency. Curiously enough before they arrived a man that seemed to be dressed in a ragtag collection of clothing made purple light appear and one after another the rioting people fell asleep. It was very strange and magical. If you were here you could hear me sighing – I still like neither magic nor machine. They are too foreign and alien…But I digress!

Although the uprising had been quelled there were still fires to be put out and wounded to be healed and at this point I got to give the round, chubby man who had only earned my patronization so far some credit. He worked with holy zeal and remarkable endurance to heal and help as many of the poor souls as he could. Perhaps I was wrong to judge him so hastily and harshly. Perhaps.

We stayed the night at the major’s place as reward – and as I had suspected – found ourselves ambushed by the strange girl once again. She hid in the space between ceiling and roof after my sister had thwarted her initial more straightforward approach. To cut a long story short: just as she had paralyzed the Sheriff and the Healer I managed to stab her through the ceiling. Even though the mortal wound was immediately healed she killed herself through poison, I surmise, and left us no trace of why…

However, those were not the only discoveries we made that night. It appeared that the major had been involved in illegal cypher dealings! Something that seemed to hit the Sheriff rather hard – I included a description of the other people in the addendum as to let you know my thoughts – and in the following interrogation the major died. It was most unfortunate really, the Healer got agitated by the Major’s words and sought to strike him down, sword in hand. I intervened, broke the Healer’s arm by accident, his sword fell to the ground hard and then stabbed the other man in the throat. It was almost comical in nature, really. It was very reminiscent of the time in Un when the man with the whip strangled himself after you had knocked him over. Another part has been made unreadable by the harsh conditions but the letter concludes as follows:

It appears that this strange band of sheriff, wanderer wizard, healer, my sister and I will continue to journey onwards to seek out the answers to prevent the prophesized catastrophe. It seems next to many things you also taught me how to get into trouble, master. I am not too sure how I feel about that, yet it would be a lie to say that my fingers don’t twitch in excitement over a new adventure.

Yours faithfully,



Nicely written, +2xp. Let me know more about Quentin in a player secret!

Letter IV

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