The world is changed. Eight times has the world been destroyed in blood and fire, and nine times has it been remade. The ancients built great and terrible monuments to their gods, to science, or to themselves, and ever have they tried to control the elements, the world, and each other. A semblance of peace has been made from the shattered remains of a now-forgotten empire in the aftermath of the last cataclysm, with your city as a crossroad trading town of immense wealth yet small size. Everything and everyone passes through Bolg, they say, but they also say that it doesn’t do to stay like a nut between a hammer and an anvil.

Change is in the air, a new taste in the water, and the tribes of the 9th world feel the ground shift beneath their restless feet. Cities, secure in their civilized bastions of cultural elitism, are slow to see the imminent restructuring of society. Now is the time for Bolg to secure its place as a center of commerce and take the power it needs to be independent, or to die and fade into obscurity along with those who depend upon it.

Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

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