Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

Science from the Sky

Once again, my life changes… This day, began much like any other. Grishin had called to me for a word early that morning. We spoke of the time, and specifically his concern for our town. He told me that he was worried and afraid because of this feeling. I have never known Grishin to feel fear without reason, but I had no ill feeling like his. Suddenly Grishin pointed outside with a strange expression of horror and wonder. I could barely make out what he was trying to show me, until I saw it.
Up high in the sky a huge object was soaring through the sky trailing thick, green, waterlike mist which slowly descended upon Bolg. The glowing mist penetrated everything around the town. I suddenly felt a complete loss of concentration, which was suddenly followed by an intense feeling of contempt, hatred, and rage. The feelings were strong, but I am stronger. By the time I had fought off this wave of emotion in my head, I looked across the room to see the mayor who was clearly experiencing the same assault. He began to change, quickly turning violent and destructive he came at me with that look I know all too well. Grishins eyes told me all, he wanted me dead. Not the kind of dead to right a wrong or to gain equality for something, it was the stare of one who craved pain and lusted for death. I tried to subdue him without hurting him, but the rage gave him an immense strength. I knocked him unconscious and found the rest of the town outside facing the same problem.
I hurried outside and found the citizens of the town starting a huge bloodbath. Reacting quickly I took our emergency water generator and at full force began to subdue the crowd. Many were dead. Many were bleeding. The force of the water knocking them down seemed to end the rage. I saw allies… allies and friends killing each other. My own deputy was consumed by the rage and murdered those he was sworn to protect right in front of me. I noticed a few people in the town were not fighting and yelled to them to help stop the raging horde. After a few minutes the plague of rage seemed to end suddenly at which point, one of the people in the town explained what he knew of the situation to me. The mist supposedly held small machines which altered our emotions.
After the crisis had come to a halt another began. In a turn of events starting with the attempted assassination of a tribal man in the mayors house, a deplorable secret came out. Grishin was a cheat. The bastard was lying to me, and behind my back smuggling. Betrayal of loyalty is a tactic of the lowest of the low. I wanted to kill Grishin. Shockingly after the assassin was taken care of, Grishin was killed by the tribal man, and we found several cyphers hidden in the ceiling. I don’t know where I shall go or what I shall do, but the fact remains that the one friend I thought I had, and the comrads I had trusted were all dead on this day.


Good job, +1 xp.

Science from the Sky

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