Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

Letter V + IV Addendum

Addendum to an earlier letter written in a series of strange letters that consist of strokes and slashes of ink rather than carefully shaped circles and forms:

In the letter of another morning I rejoice to tell that the situation of the major’s wife, who’s death had been discussed as a possibility, has been changed and she is now being made use of. I was able convince her to disclose information about the organization, which is responsible for the smuggling, and how she and her husband got dragged into such as mess. Apparently when one becomes major one also becomes middle man for smugglers…This makes me worrisome for all other big cities as well.

In order to not make it known to our pursuer and other possible assassins that we know about the failed attempts it was decided that she was to take up the mantle of major, fill all the other positions left by her deceased husband as well and play off the death as a tragic accident.

Letter V

Dear sensei,

The last days have been most turbulent. After reporting the events of G to my father he decided it was best to continue onwards towards the meteor. I was able to convince him to take the tribe into a different direction and that we would have to leave under the veil of the night to throw off possible pursuers and as he heard my words something in his gaze changed. Was that perhaps…was he maybe proud of me? In any case he trusted us with one of the clan’s greatest secrets, something I am afraid I can only talk about in person if at all…

(OOC: I am leaving out the moment of fate with the Sheriff on purpose as Navi would be embarrassed about it and wouldn’t talk about it until she had made up her mind)

Our party was led by the sheriff and my sister who proved to be excellent trackers, yet as we ventured south I vividly remembered that the territory was ruled by Sophie’s gang on their hell-horses. I advised for caution by my comrades shrugged it off and we journeyed forth only for me to be attacked by a famished mountain lion moments latter! I…almost hate to admit but all those moments you forced me to train unarmed finally paid off as I was able to use its own momentum against it and flung it over my head without being harmed. After ending the miserable creature it turned out to be controlled by the same ‘Nano’ magic that had caused the town to go crazier before. While that in itself was unfortunate it proved to make tracking the meteor much easier and from here on the Sherriff never once erred or lost our path…He is really impressive, I must admit, even more so for a city dweller.

(Parts are unreadable; obviously the letter had been folded before the ink was completely dry.)

After surviving an encounter with Sophie’s henchmen we made haste, even more so when the wizard suddenly began to drive his horse before him like Death herself. It was thanks to the skill of my sister that we were able to catch up to him and dispel whatever magic the green light had put him under. Once he had regained his senses he told us about being ‘mind controlled’ but also that he now knew where we would find the meteor.

About an hour after nightfall we reached where Sophie’s gang had made camp with the meteor. The Sherriff scouted out the situation and was convinced Sophie herself, a succubus and bane as far as I am concerned, was a victim and prisoner of the ‘Nano’ and we had to help her. We argued for some time but eventually he spoke words about purpose and destiny that struck true with me. Grimacing at the thought of not only helping her but risking all our lives in an attempt to go up against the folk that was with her I hesitantly agreed, only swayed by the charisma and aura of authority that he radiated. However, the Sherriff did not cease to amaze and with the aid of a clever ruse between him and the succubus – a gamble, I admit, but one we all were prepared to take as our odds could only improve in the situation we were in – half the camp was lured away on a wild chase, enabling us to sneak in and make short work of what remained to fight us.

What happened next I only know through the tales of my comrades as I was occupied handling the demon riders of Sophie’s gang, but after battles of wits and magic the wizard ‘turned off’, I believe he means disabled, but since he was so insistent on the term I included it, the meteor and thus dispelled all its control…

(Part of the letter is missing.. OOC: I’ll edit that in once we resolved that part.)



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