Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

Green Fury, What it means to be a man: Part 2

The journey had been long and arduous; every day for Grilgo had presented a new set of challenges. He was being hunted by enemies he could not yet begin to understand. All he knew was that reality was on the precipice of enormous change. He had fought against bikers who wielded weapons of massive power. He had battled lions on the Great Plains south of Bolg. Each day he forged a path of victory, treading on the bodies of those who had tried to stop him. Grilgo did not have the time to understand everything that was going on. But he wondered if perhaps all the time in the world would have been enough to understand.
Grilgo had made many friends and enemies in his adventure. He met Murdok, a man with the power to influence machines of all shapes and sizes. However, this power did not come without its flaws, many times Grilgo witnessed how these same machines would lash out and assault Murdok’s mind. Grilgo knew though, that inside Murdok there was a force for good and he respected him for it.
Then there was Tarlan Greyskin, the former sheriff of Bolg. It did not take long for Grilgo to respect the immense power Tarlan possessed. Tarlan could destroy even the most bulky of machines with one solid punch. He also had a strict set of moral codes; he valued loyalty and respect the most. Tarlan was the best ally and friend anyone could hope for and it didn’t take long for Grilgo to acknowledge that.
Grilgo had also finally encountered Sophie, the dreaded succubus. She, surprisingly enough, quickly became the greatest asset the party could have ever hoped for. She provided supplies and intelligence that we could not have lived without. At first, Grilgo held prejudices against her, for it was her Biker Gang that caused much suffering to his people. Grilgo realized though that she was just as much a victim to the system as he was, and he dreamed of a day in which all the bloodshed for Tupperware would end.
Then there were Grilgo’s two bodyguards, Navi and Nanaya’ne. They were twins, who had the same simple origins as Grilgo, all of whom had grown up in the same community. Navi was a skilled hunter, who was quick with a blade and could bathe those who opposed her in sheets of ice. She often was very naive, having a difficult time of understand what was going on in the world around her. Grilgo knew though, that inside she had a heart of gold. Nanaya’ne though, well she was quite a different story. Grilgo, from a very young age knew there was something off about Nana. She seemed distant, not just from the community but from humanity as well. She often treated others around her with contempt, a mixture of anger and malice that seemed to originate from some sort of inner self contempt. She would radiate lightning, often being excessive with her power, enjoying watching those weaker than her squirm. Ultimately it would be Nana who possessed the greatest threat to humanity, not because of her powers or her malicious nature, but because it was Nana who made the ultimate betrayal.
Nana had inside her a deep and brooding evil, something that had been biding its time and waiting to erupt. Had it been any other situation, had Nana just lived a simple life, it’s almost assured that she would have never done any of the things she was about to do. In exchange for power, she forfeited her very mind, body and soul. Nana demanded blood, she wanted her sister to pay for defying her. She didn’t just want Grilgo dead, she wanted him to suffer immensely, she had visions of making him beg for death, because for what she had planned for Grilgo, death would have seemed like bliss.
On that day Grilgo knew what was to come, he had seen it in a dream within a dream hundreds of thousands of times, like peering through a distant fog at objects just far enough out of the realm of understanding or consciousness. Navi couldn’t do what needed to be done, she couldn’t control Nana. Navi had too good a heart; she could have never harmed her sister. Nana had a corrupted soul; she would use and abuse her sister to get what she wanted, knowing that she could easily manipulate Navi with but a whim.



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