Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

Green Fury, What it means to be a man: Part 1

I have visions. I have for most of my life now. Often my visions are either trivial or beyond comprehension. Today’s vision was different, the intensity and vividness was staggering. I saw an enormous serpent coil around the cities of Grund and Grong, spreading madness, corruption and death.

Shortly after this, I was assaulted by someone looking to learn the secrets of my healing abilities. She held a knife to my throat and demanded that I give her what Numenera I possessed. Unfortunately for us both, I have no Numenera. My ability to heal is something that comes from within. I tried to signal my bodyguards for aid but she noticed an proceeded to stab me repeatedly until she eventually got fed up and left. God only knows how she found me and why she thought stabbing me a couple times would help her achieve her goals.

A meteor then fell from the sky, covered in a strong green glow, it illuminated the sky. The town of Bolg was directly in its path and for a moment I thought that the town had been consumed. A fitting end to the town of Bolg, I had thought. Bolg is a town that has been built on the blood of innocents. They send tribes after defenseless caravans that travel through these great plains we live in, killing men, women and children, stripping them of valuables and leaving their bodies to rot in the sun. However, much to my surprise, Bolg had been spared total annihilation. It was soon apparent that all was not well in Bolg, great fires began to erupt and the city began to look as though it was in great danger. Taking with me my two faithful and somewhat useless body guards, we quickly headed for the towering inferno that was Bolg.


Like I said earlier, +2 xp! Huzzah!


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