Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

Diary Page XVIII

I think I may have finally found a lead that may bear fruit. After leaving town we had some chance encounters with some local fauna, and later some sort of gang that rode on large numenera. These large wheeled machines were a thing I saw in my youth, and peaked my interest, and low and behold, these people attacked us on sight. After a quick scuffle, one of the men got away, leaving us with the loot of a few men, and a system of comms, finally. I have no idea how any organization of people, poor or otherwise, would ever split up without them. Anyway, we followed the trail of the one that ran, and we were able to trail him back to the meteor, or at least where the meteor used to be. We heard over the comms, after some expert tinkering if I do say so myself, that the were moving the meteor. At the crash site, thou, something happened. I don’t exact;y know how, but the nanomachines that I had so deftly destroyed not but a few nights ago, now overtook my mind. I don’t remember much of that time, but I had to go to the meteor, and the Old Ones wanted me to help take the meteor to a grey building, I can still see it so clearly in my head. When the nanomachines were with me I could feel all of the secrets that I so long to know flowing through me, but at what cost. I attacked my friends with them, and had to be taken care of by one of the amazons. A good bonk on the head was all it took, but with the nanomachines out of my mind, so too did the knowledge leak out as through a sieve. As I recovered we came along until we found the camp, where a woman led the savage gang, and apparently she took a liking to the old sheriff, who felt obligated to save her for whatever reason. The sheriff stuck up a deal with the ringleader, the only one apparently not under the control of the meteor, by speaking in code over the comms with them. It was risky, but it paid off, as we were able to get most of the fighting force to leave the area. Then we moved in. I saw the meteor in the middle, one of the largest numenera I had ever seen in the middle of the camp. I made my way towards it with the intent to disable it, but also to learn it’s secrets. This backfired, though, as there was nothing stopping the thing from, again, controlling me with it’s nanomachines. It caused me to fight with the redheaded ringleader because she shot the damned thing without even thinking of the consequences. She damn near turned it into a bomb, and the nanomachines made me try to kill her. Before I could, though, the sheriff hit me with his numenera hand and that teleported me INSIDE of the meteor. There was no place I would rather be, and the trip even let me shake my mind free of the control of the nanomachines. , I was able to stop the meteor from exploding from the inside, but not without a cost. I was burned by some sort of acid for a lot longer than I would have liked, but I got out relatively safely. The silly sheriff, though managed to break the darned thing by slapping it with his numenera arm. What kind of fool is he, being part numenera, he should at least considered the consequences of such a stupid act, but at least no one died this time, except for most of the noncommbatants in the camp. I am beginning to think we are really shitty at saving people, and might just be better of as a hit squad. Fumbles McGee seems to be getting a bit more tolerable, though, even if he did almost get us killed, AGAIN!


Nice! +3 xp

Diary Page XVIII

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