Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

Diary Page XVII

Just as soon as I get somewhere where I think I can make some progress on my own, everything goes t hell in a handbasket. I thought that Grong would be the only town that didn’t want e to come back, but I guess guilty by association is as good a reason as any to keep out of Bolg for awhile. I have a new purpose, though. Something big is happening all around me and it’s been pretty rough. I guess I should start from the beginig though, because the past day has just been wrought with awfulness. I was just trying to have a pleasant drink in the tavern when there was a meteor that rained down a haze of nano-machines that sent the entire town of Bolg into some sort of rage. I quelled the situation almost immediately to little thanks, as usual. I mean really, I am the only reason everyone isn’t still trying to kill each-other; I TURNED OFF NANOMACHINES CONTROLLING THE ENTIRE TOWN IN A SINGLE SECOND!!! And instead of being the town’s savior, I get sent away for something a bumbling idiot did. To be fair, that bumbling idiot did a decent job of patching everyone up, but he did kill a man in a fit of silly rage, but I’ll get to that later. The mayor invited all of us that helped solve the scuffle to stay at his half destroyed home which is apparently very vulnerable to an assassin strike. One attacked Grilgo, henceforth to be referenced as Fumbles McGee, but somehow she didn’t succeed, and was later killed by these two Amazons that are tasked with protecting Fumbles from himself. Durring the scuffle I found my way into the attic and found a stash of Numenera. I tried to find one of any use, but to no avail. I just found a seemingly useless little blue gem that vibrates when touched, which I of course kept. then one of the Amazons exposed the whole stash which was some sort of muggling ring headed by the mayor. This, for whatever dumbass reason, caused the supposed holy man to go into a fit of rage and kill the Mayor, though I dont even think he really meant to. It was more like he accidentally dropped the sword into the mayor’s heart. We then almost blamed his wife for this when, again, the Amazons were more useful than Fumbles. One of them gave the wife the idea to take over the city on the sole condition that we leave town for awhile, so we laid claim on some of the dirty Numenera and are on the way out as I write. This whole place is crazy but staying with these guys might be my only way to get to the meteor, and I NEED to find that meteor.


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Diary Page XVII

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