Power Punches: Giant Robots in the 9th World

The End of the Beginning, Two Worlds Converge

The tale of Tarlan Greyskin as told from a high story teller from Grund:
Tarlan Greyskin… That is what they called him once. His life had gone through as many transformations as the world around him did, From the places he had lived, the people he knew, and the numinera that influence our very being. His adventure had changed his life, his friends lives, and the very essence that is the 9th world. We from the reforged city of Grund have all heard of the tale of Tarlan Greyskin from his humble military beginnings in old Grund, and his position as caretaker of Bolg. But let us remember now the story of Grund’s great reforging by our beloved Highlord Tarlan and Highlady Sophie. Now we shall begin just after the great battle for our world after Tarlan and his friends went separate ways…
Enthusiastic child in the crowd:“But I love that story why cant we hear it again! I loved it when Tarlan, Murdok, Grilgo, Navi, and Nana saved the 9th world from the old ones! The story of the dark betrayal of Nana, The legend of the Giant Robot and return of the Ancient ones, The battle with the biker gang, and the world of illusion in the numinera. Can we hear those again?”
Haha, Calm down child, we will have time for those tales later, but now we are going to learn of the birth of our city. Just after the great battle against the ancient ones, where Tarlan, Sophie and their friends defeated the great dragon amidst the infighting of themselves and the great cities is where we shall begin.
Tarlan and Sophie both displaced from family and past friends united together to bring Grund back together. Together they reunited the people of Grund that had survived the war, they completely reestablished Grund from the corruption and ashes of its past. The city being almost leveled by the war were reconstructed anew with new intent and with good intensions. The people of Grund were no longer slaves to the technology around them, but were becoming the new masters of numinera. Tarlan and Sophie slowly but naturally became the new leaders of Grund. There was no seize of power unlike the previous rulers and the people truely wanted them to lead them into this new era of growth and difficulty. Sophie and Tarlan decided to salvage the technology from the war unlike many of the other civilizations. They even made great use of the fallen numinera technologies of the old ones. They rebuild the city in a new and glorious fashion, strong of material and powerful in technology. With the new technologies they were able to make a new version of numinera called neocycles, a fusion of the ancient ones numinera and the motorcycles of Sophies old gang. They made so many of these that they outfitted an entire city force of defense to have their own. These new motorcycles could fly just as the old ones could. It truely revolutionized Grund and brought it that much more out of the dust and into the new world as a leader. Over time our dear leaders Tarlan and Sophie grew closer, and one day they naturally devoted themselves to each other. Over the next few years the couple had three children. Being seated as the high lord and lady of Grund their children naturally grew into seats of power as well. The eldest son Nefras, being of great stature that mirrored and some think may soon rival that of his father, became the acting head of Grunds new army. The second child Nira, looked exactly like her mother (winged and beautiful) and had a certain affinity to discovering new purposes for numinera helped her parents to discover and impliment the great shield of water around the city of Grund using the ancient numinera. This shield has greatly protected Grund from the threats of the old ones. The last child is one of a fusion of his parents but still young we expect great things of him. Lastly let us talk about the most recent great contribution of Highlord Tarlan in preparation for the future battles we expect with the old ones. He has established the order of steel by creating an army of soldiers with bodies of flesh and steel like his and training them with his numineran soulspirit known as “Numeian” training them with Numeain to help protect the 9th world forever. We will always love and respect our eternal lords of the reforged city of Grund the home of Pure Water and Everlasting Steel. Hail Highlord Tarlan and Highlady Sophie!!!

Green Fury, What it means to be a man: Part 2

The journey had been long and arduous; every day for Grilgo had presented a new set of challenges. He was being hunted by enemies he could not yet begin to understand. All he knew was that reality was on the precipice of enormous change. He had fought against bikers who wielded weapons of massive power. He had battled lions on the Great Plains south of Bolg. Each day he forged a path of victory, treading on the bodies of those who had tried to stop him. Grilgo did not have the time to understand everything that was going on. But he wondered if perhaps all the time in the world would have been enough to understand.
Grilgo had made many friends and enemies in his adventure. He met Murdok, a man with the power to influence machines of all shapes and sizes. However, this power did not come without its flaws, many times Grilgo witnessed how these same machines would lash out and assault Murdok’s mind. Grilgo knew though, that inside Murdok there was a force for good and he respected him for it.
Then there was Tarlan Greyskin, the former sheriff of Bolg. It did not take long for Grilgo to respect the immense power Tarlan possessed. Tarlan could destroy even the most bulky of machines with one solid punch. He also had a strict set of moral codes; he valued loyalty and respect the most. Tarlan was the best ally and friend anyone could hope for and it didn’t take long for Grilgo to acknowledge that.
Grilgo had also finally encountered Sophie, the dreaded succubus. She, surprisingly enough, quickly became the greatest asset the party could have ever hoped for. She provided supplies and intelligence that we could not have lived without. At first, Grilgo held prejudices against her, for it was her Biker Gang that caused much suffering to his people. Grilgo realized though that she was just as much a victim to the system as he was, and he dreamed of a day in which all the bloodshed for Tupperware would end.
Then there were Grilgo’s two bodyguards, Navi and Nanaya’ne. They were twins, who had the same simple origins as Grilgo, all of whom had grown up in the same community. Navi was a skilled hunter, who was quick with a blade and could bathe those who opposed her in sheets of ice. She often was very naive, having a difficult time of understand what was going on in the world around her. Grilgo knew though, that inside she had a heart of gold. Nanaya’ne though, well she was quite a different story. Grilgo, from a very young age knew there was something off about Nana. She seemed distant, not just from the community but from humanity as well. She often treated others around her with contempt, a mixture of anger and malice that seemed to originate from some sort of inner self contempt. She would radiate lightning, often being excessive with her power, enjoying watching those weaker than her squirm. Ultimately it would be Nana who possessed the greatest threat to humanity, not because of her powers or her malicious nature, but because it was Nana who made the ultimate betrayal.
Nana had inside her a deep and brooding evil, something that had been biding its time and waiting to erupt. Had it been any other situation, had Nana just lived a simple life, it’s almost assured that she would have never done any of the things she was about to do. In exchange for power, she forfeited her very mind, body and soul. Nana demanded blood, she wanted her sister to pay for defying her. She didn’t just want Grilgo dead, she wanted him to suffer immensely, she had visions of making him beg for death, because for what she had planned for Grilgo, death would have seemed like bliss.
On that day Grilgo knew what was to come, he had seen it in a dream within a dream hundreds of thousands of times, like peering through a distant fog at objects just far enough out of the realm of understanding or consciousness. Navi couldn’t do what needed to be done, she couldn’t control Nana. Navi had too good a heart; she could have never harmed her sister. Nana had a corrupted soul; she would use and abuse her sister to get what she wanted, knowing that she could easily manipulate Navi with but a whim.

The Legend of Navi

One by one you remove the heavy slabs of stone that block the entry to the ancient structure that you have so strenuously, and yet only partially, excavated over the last fortnight. Wiping the sweat off your brow you rub your hands in anticipation and fasten one of the light shining cyphers as well as a lantern on yourself and embark on adventure. A few steps into the darkness you wonder why your light seems to be swallowed by the shadow until you take a closer look around. Could it be that you discovered one of the ancient and fabled cathedrals of the Order!? As you make your way through the main hall your eyes take in with disbelief the magnitude of your discovery. Finally you come to a halt in front of a shrine like structure that holds a heavy, leather bound volume. Hesitatingly you reach out to touch it, running your fingertips over the worn surface and shudder with exhilaration. You have stumbled across the remnants of an ancient tome that has partially decayed but still seems readable for the wide parts. As you flip through the pages you realize that you have in fact gotten your hands on a book which details the story of how the Order of the Crimson Lotus came into existence and its exploits and efforts in the war against the xenos invaders as well as entries on its most famous members. A particularly well illustrated chapter catches your eye, but sadly many pages have suffered severely from deterioration rendering wide parts unreadable. It is titled:

Navi, Godslayer, Empress of the Blade, Sightless Swordmaster, Founder of the Order of the Crimson Lotus

As you read and reread the lines before you it becomes clear that you are in fact holding in your hands an original record as the pictures and articles about members are signed and waxed! Sparked by curiosity you prop up your lantern to cast a brighter light upon the yellowed pages. They detail the initial journey of how Navi and her companions set out and discovered the thread of the xenos that had brought the downfall for the 8th world, but with glee you discover that it also details the period before the foundation of the order. Page by page you grow engrossed in the tales that tell how the young warrioress of the planes gathered Quentin, Trilian, Icarus, Remy, Hei and Tokiko, all revered masters of their chosen weapon and noble individuals, to forge them into the Order that would steel the realm against the horror that was to decent upon them.

Your heart pounds in excitement as long forgotten stories of bravery and courage unfold before your mind’s eye as you read the words, it cringes when taking in how Navi lost the light in her eyes, and fills with hope as she rises nonetheless to face the xenos as a paragon and one of humanity’s most stalwart defenders. Almost left breathless by the excitement that filled your core you take a step back, stumbling over a piece of rubble and hitting the ground hard. In despair you cradle the ancient tome to your chest to keep it out of harms way yet one of your cyphers loosens from your belt and rolls off around a corner, illuminating everything in a pale white light. Scrambling to your feet you hurry after it and as you brave the corner you bend to pick it up but pause halfway through and raise your head. You find yourself in front of a massive iron door, over and over adorned with the epitomes of craftsmanship. Licking your lips you raise your lantern as high as you can to decipher the old language and it reads:[i]Armory of the Order of the Crimson Lotus[/i] Could this really be the treasure amongst treasures? Could this be the entry to the lair of weapons once wielded by some of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen?

Usher yourself in and find out.

Diary Page XVIII

I think I may have finally found a lead that may bear fruit. After leaving town we had some chance encounters with some local fauna, and later some sort of gang that rode on large numenera. These large wheeled machines were a thing I saw in my youth, and peaked my interest, and low and behold, these people attacked us on sight. After a quick scuffle, one of the men got away, leaving us with the loot of a few men, and a system of comms, finally. I have no idea how any organization of people, poor or otherwise, would ever split up without them. Anyway, we followed the trail of the one that ran, and we were able to trail him back to the meteor, or at least where the meteor used to be. We heard over the comms, after some expert tinkering if I do say so myself, that the were moving the meteor. At the crash site, thou, something happened. I don’t exact;y know how, but the nanomachines that I had so deftly destroyed not but a few nights ago, now overtook my mind. I don’t remember much of that time, but I had to go to the meteor, and the Old Ones wanted me to help take the meteor to a grey building, I can still see it so clearly in my head. When the nanomachines were with me I could feel all of the secrets that I so long to know flowing through me, but at what cost. I attacked my friends with them, and had to be taken care of by one of the amazons. A good bonk on the head was all it took, but with the nanomachines out of my mind, so too did the knowledge leak out as through a sieve. As I recovered we came along until we found the camp, where a woman led the savage gang, and apparently she took a liking to the old sheriff, who felt obligated to save her for whatever reason. The sheriff stuck up a deal with the ringleader, the only one apparently not under the control of the meteor, by speaking in code over the comms with them. It was risky, but it paid off, as we were able to get most of the fighting force to leave the area. Then we moved in. I saw the meteor in the middle, one of the largest numenera I had ever seen in the middle of the camp. I made my way towards it with the intent to disable it, but also to learn it’s secrets. This backfired, though, as there was nothing stopping the thing from, again, controlling me with it’s nanomachines. It caused me to fight with the redheaded ringleader because she shot the damned thing without even thinking of the consequences. She damn near turned it into a bomb, and the nanomachines made me try to kill her. Before I could, though, the sheriff hit me with his numenera hand and that teleported me INSIDE of the meteor. There was no place I would rather be, and the trip even let me shake my mind free of the control of the nanomachines. , I was able to stop the meteor from exploding from the inside, but not without a cost. I was burned by some sort of acid for a lot longer than I would have liked, but I got out relatively safely. The silly sheriff, though managed to break the darned thing by slapping it with his numenera arm. What kind of fool is he, being part numenera, he should at least considered the consequences of such a stupid act, but at least no one died this time, except for most of the noncommbatants in the camp. I am beginning to think we are really shitty at saving people, and might just be better of as a hit squad. Fumbles McGee seems to be getting a bit more tolerable, though, even if he did almost get us killed, AGAIN!

Letter V + IV Addendum

Addendum to an earlier letter written in a series of strange letters that consist of strokes and slashes of ink rather than carefully shaped circles and forms:

In the letter of another morning I rejoice to tell that the situation of the major’s wife, who’s death had been discussed as a possibility, has been changed and she is now being made use of. I was able convince her to disclose information about the organization, which is responsible for the smuggling, and how she and her husband got dragged into such as mess. Apparently when one becomes major one also becomes middle man for smugglers…This makes me worrisome for all other big cities as well.

In order to not make it known to our pursuer and other possible assassins that we know about the failed attempts it was decided that she was to take up the mantle of major, fill all the other positions left by her deceased husband as well and play off the death as a tragic accident.

Letter V

Dear sensei,

The last days have been most turbulent. After reporting the events of G to my father he decided it was best to continue onwards towards the meteor. I was able to convince him to take the tribe into a different direction and that we would have to leave under the veil of the night to throw off possible pursuers and as he heard my words something in his gaze changed. Was that perhaps…was he maybe proud of me? In any case he trusted us with one of the clan’s greatest secrets, something I am afraid I can only talk about in person if at all…

(OOC: I am leaving out the moment of fate with the Sheriff on purpose as Navi would be embarrassed about it and wouldn’t talk about it until she had made up her mind)

Our party was led by the sheriff and my sister who proved to be excellent trackers, yet as we ventured south I vividly remembered that the territory was ruled by Sophie’s gang on their hell-horses. I advised for caution by my comrades shrugged it off and we journeyed forth only for me to be attacked by a famished mountain lion moments latter! I…almost hate to admit but all those moments you forced me to train unarmed finally paid off as I was able to use its own momentum against it and flung it over my head without being harmed. After ending the miserable creature it turned out to be controlled by the same ‘Nano’ magic that had caused the town to go crazier before. While that in itself was unfortunate it proved to make tracking the meteor much easier and from here on the Sherriff never once erred or lost our path…He is really impressive, I must admit, even more so for a city dweller.

(Parts are unreadable; obviously the letter had been folded before the ink was completely dry.)

After surviving an encounter with Sophie’s henchmen we made haste, even more so when the wizard suddenly began to drive his horse before him like Death herself. It was thanks to the skill of my sister that we were able to catch up to him and dispel whatever magic the green light had put him under. Once he had regained his senses he told us about being ‘mind controlled’ but also that he now knew where we would find the meteor.

About an hour after nightfall we reached where Sophie’s gang had made camp with the meteor. The Sherriff scouted out the situation and was convinced Sophie herself, a succubus and bane as far as I am concerned, was a victim and prisoner of the ‘Nano’ and we had to help her. We argued for some time but eventually he spoke words about purpose and destiny that struck true with me. Grimacing at the thought of not only helping her but risking all our lives in an attempt to go up against the folk that was with her I hesitantly agreed, only swayed by the charisma and aura of authority that he radiated. However, the Sherriff did not cease to amaze and with the aid of a clever ruse between him and the succubus – a gamble, I admit, but one we all were prepared to take as our odds could only improve in the situation we were in – half the camp was lured away on a wild chase, enabling us to sneak in and make short work of what remained to fight us.

What happened next I only know through the tales of my comrades as I was occupied handling the demon riders of Sophie’s gang, but after battles of wits and magic the wizard ‘turned off’, I believe he means disabled, but since he was so insistent on the term I included it, the meteor and thus dispelled all its control…

(Part of the letter is missing.. OOC: I’ll edit that in once we resolved that part.)

Diary Page XVII

Just as soon as I get somewhere where I think I can make some progress on my own, everything goes t hell in a handbasket. I thought that Grong would be the only town that didn’t want e to come back, but I guess guilty by association is as good a reason as any to keep out of Bolg for awhile. I have a new purpose, though. Something big is happening all around me and it’s been pretty rough. I guess I should start from the beginig though, because the past day has just been wrought with awfulness. I was just trying to have a pleasant drink in the tavern when there was a meteor that rained down a haze of nano-machines that sent the entire town of Bolg into some sort of rage. I quelled the situation almost immediately to little thanks, as usual. I mean really, I am the only reason everyone isn’t still trying to kill each-other; I TURNED OFF NANOMACHINES CONTROLLING THE ENTIRE TOWN IN A SINGLE SECOND!!! And instead of being the town’s savior, I get sent away for something a bumbling idiot did. To be fair, that bumbling idiot did a decent job of patching everyone up, but he did kill a man in a fit of silly rage, but I’ll get to that later. The mayor invited all of us that helped solve the scuffle to stay at his half destroyed home which is apparently very vulnerable to an assassin strike. One attacked Grilgo, henceforth to be referenced as Fumbles McGee, but somehow she didn’t succeed, and was later killed by these two Amazons that are tasked with protecting Fumbles from himself. Durring the scuffle I found my way into the attic and found a stash of Numenera. I tried to find one of any use, but to no avail. I just found a seemingly useless little blue gem that vibrates when touched, which I of course kept. then one of the Amazons exposed the whole stash which was some sort of muggling ring headed by the mayor. This, for whatever dumbass reason, caused the supposed holy man to go into a fit of rage and kill the Mayor, though I dont even think he really meant to. It was more like he accidentally dropped the sword into the mayor’s heart. We then almost blamed his wife for this when, again, the Amazons were more useful than Fumbles. One of them gave the wife the idea to take over the city on the sole condition that we leave town for awhile, so we laid claim on some of the dirty Numenera and are on the way out as I write. This whole place is crazy but staying with these guys might be my only way to get to the meteor, and I NEED to find that meteor.

Letter IV

To master,

It has been weeks since we parted ways (or rather you left me for the matter of clarity) and I have returned to the city of K in order to meet up with my tribe. Just as Quentin had told us it was the right place to look for them – he was even right when he told that they struck an agreement with the major of the town…Eventually the time and the need will arise to figure out how he gets all this information. A man like him is very valuable but also very dangerous. I wonder if he should be purged – or is he indeed as stalwart a friend to you as he tried to make me believe? Well, I suppose it makes no matter for the moment, even more so since I returned home. I wish you could have seen the festivities, the lights, the tents, the smell of earth and grass, the whickering of the horses and the sounds of chatter and laughter. While journeying with sensei I had never quite realized how much I had missed my family. It is almost impossible for me to put into words how wonderful, fulfilling – completing – it felt to drape my arms around my sister, my twin, me. She had grown and is still prettier than me. She always was…not like that would matter to you, sensei, but I somehow feel the need to capture my emotions clearly. Her smile was so bright; her differently colored eyes shone and were filled with me. I could see my reflection in them clear as day – perhaps she missed me even more than I did her. She smelled like a dozen spices, grass and the halcyon days of youth. O, how I had missed her, I…

The next part is unreadable due to smeared ink. Somehow the latter must have gotten wet during its journey.

So after this more or less prevented assassination attempt the Healer, my sister and I were ordered by my father to travel towards the city in order to investigate the origin of the strange green star – and, if possible, prevent the mayhem the Healer had seen it cause.

Once we arrived in the town I knew so well thanks to our travels I was immediately struck with a sense of bewilderment. Half the population seemed to have gathered on the main square like mindless creatures. The sheriff and few others tried to restore order by knocking them in line and senseless, however, it proved futile. I ordered my family to stand back and observe first, but the man used magic to shoot fire into the sky and alarm the family of an emergency. Curiously enough before they arrived a man that seemed to be dressed in a ragtag collection of clothing made purple light appear and one after another the rioting people fell asleep. It was very strange and magical. If you were here you could hear me sighing – I still like neither magic nor machine. They are too foreign and alien…But I digress!

Although the uprising had been quelled there were still fires to be put out and wounded to be healed and at this point I got to give the round, chubby man who had only earned my patronization so far some credit. He worked with holy zeal and remarkable endurance to heal and help as many of the poor souls as he could. Perhaps I was wrong to judge him so hastily and harshly. Perhaps.

We stayed the night at the major’s place as reward – and as I had suspected – found ourselves ambushed by the strange girl once again. She hid in the space between ceiling and roof after my sister had thwarted her initial more straightforward approach. To cut a long story short: just as she had paralyzed the Sheriff and the Healer I managed to stab her through the ceiling. Even though the mortal wound was immediately healed she killed herself through poison, I surmise, and left us no trace of why…

However, those were not the only discoveries we made that night. It appeared that the major had been involved in illegal cypher dealings! Something that seemed to hit the Sheriff rather hard – I included a description of the other people in the addendum as to let you know my thoughts – and in the following interrogation the major died. It was most unfortunate really, the Healer got agitated by the Major’s words and sought to strike him down, sword in hand. I intervened, broke the Healer’s arm by accident, his sword fell to the ground hard and then stabbed the other man in the throat. It was almost comical in nature, really. It was very reminiscent of the time in Un when the man with the whip strangled himself after you had knocked him over. Another part has been made unreadable by the harsh conditions but the letter concludes as follows:

It appears that this strange band of sheriff, wanderer wizard, healer, my sister and I will continue to journey onwards to seek out the answers to prevent the prophesized catastrophe. It seems next to many things you also taught me how to get into trouble, master. I am not too sure how I feel about that, yet it would be a lie to say that my fingers don’t twitch in excitement over a new adventure.

Yours faithfully,


Science from the Sky

Once again, my life changes… This day, began much like any other. Grishin had called to me for a word early that morning. We spoke of the time, and specifically his concern for our town. He told me that he was worried and afraid because of this feeling. I have never known Grishin to feel fear without reason, but I had no ill feeling like his. Suddenly Grishin pointed outside with a strange expression of horror and wonder. I could barely make out what he was trying to show me, until I saw it.
Up high in the sky a huge object was soaring through the sky trailing thick, green, waterlike mist which slowly descended upon Bolg. The glowing mist penetrated everything around the town. I suddenly felt a complete loss of concentration, which was suddenly followed by an intense feeling of contempt, hatred, and rage. The feelings were strong, but I am stronger. By the time I had fought off this wave of emotion in my head, I looked across the room to see the mayor who was clearly experiencing the same assault. He began to change, quickly turning violent and destructive he came at me with that look I know all too well. Grishins eyes told me all, he wanted me dead. Not the kind of dead to right a wrong or to gain equality for something, it was the stare of one who craved pain and lusted for death. I tried to subdue him without hurting him, but the rage gave him an immense strength. I knocked him unconscious and found the rest of the town outside facing the same problem.
I hurried outside and found the citizens of the town starting a huge bloodbath. Reacting quickly I took our emergency water generator and at full force began to subdue the crowd. Many were dead. Many were bleeding. The force of the water knocking them down seemed to end the rage. I saw allies… allies and friends killing each other. My own deputy was consumed by the rage and murdered those he was sworn to protect right in front of me. I noticed a few people in the town were not fighting and yelled to them to help stop the raging horde. After a few minutes the plague of rage seemed to end suddenly at which point, one of the people in the town explained what he knew of the situation to me. The mist supposedly held small machines which altered our emotions.
After the crisis had come to a halt another began. In a turn of events starting with the attempted assassination of a tribal man in the mayors house, a deplorable secret came out. Grishin was a cheat. The bastard was lying to me, and behind my back smuggling. Betrayal of loyalty is a tactic of the lowest of the low. I wanted to kill Grishin. Shockingly after the assassin was taken care of, Grishin was killed by the tribal man, and we found several cyphers hidden in the ceiling. I don’t know where I shall go or what I shall do, but the fact remains that the one friend I thought I had, and the comrads I had trusted were all dead on this day.

Green Fury, What it means to be a man: Part 1

I have visions. I have for most of my life now. Often my visions are either trivial or beyond comprehension. Today’s vision was different, the intensity and vividness was staggering. I saw an enormous serpent coil around the cities of Grund and Grong, spreading madness, corruption and death.

Shortly after this, I was assaulted by someone looking to learn the secrets of my healing abilities. She held a knife to my throat and demanded that I give her what Numenera I possessed. Unfortunately for us both, I have no Numenera. My ability to heal is something that comes from within. I tried to signal my bodyguards for aid but she noticed an proceeded to stab me repeatedly until she eventually got fed up and left. God only knows how she found me and why she thought stabbing me a couple times would help her achieve her goals.

A meteor then fell from the sky, covered in a strong green glow, it illuminated the sky. The town of Bolg was directly in its path and for a moment I thought that the town had been consumed. A fitting end to the town of Bolg, I had thought. Bolg is a town that has been built on the blood of innocents. They send tribes after defenseless caravans that travel through these great plains we live in, killing men, women and children, stripping them of valuables and leaving their bodies to rot in the sun. However, much to my surprise, Bolg had been spared total annihilation. It was soon apparent that all was not well in Bolg, great fires began to erupt and the city began to look as though it was in great danger. Taking with me my two faithful and somewhat useless body guards, we quickly headed for the towering inferno that was Bolg.

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